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This is the 20th year for Poole's Rotary Santa Express. Santa and his elves will be out and about from Friday 2nd December, bringing some Christmas cheer. 

This year, knocking on doors once again, the elves are looking forward to meeting you along the route when collecting for needy local charities.

Update:  Door to door collections mean we will probably take the full 2 hours to get around each route. So, please note, the Santa Express may be a little slower travelling along each route this year.

Charities are in desperate needs of funds, with even greater demands on their services.  We hope you'll support our Santa Express once again this year. Please use our on-line facility via JustGiving.

All cash donated each night will be given to the lead organisation for that evening.  Money donated via JustGiving will be split equally between the participating organisations.

You can also donate at Asda, Canford Heath on Saturday 3rd at 3pm, Tesco, Fleetsbridge on Saturday 17th December or Tesco (Branksome) on Thursday or Friday  22nd/23rd December.  For more details please see below.

Just check the dates below to find the closest route to you.

Simply click on each route in the table below to access the map for that night.  All our mid-week routes start about 6pm (5pm on Saturdays) and take about 2 hours to complete.

Listen out for the music - as we approach!

Please note that all timings are approximate and these together with the exact routes may vary depending on traffic conditions and weather.  In the event of extreme weather an evening may be cancelled.   

For the regular updates, please check our Facebook pages: 




Please remember

  • all our helpers are volunteers

  • all timings are approximate and are for guidance only

Evening Routes

Date                               Route                              Lead Organisation            Start time​ 

Fri 2 Dec                           Longfleet                           Poole Rotary                                 6.00pm

Sat 3 Dec              Broadstone*, Tolleford Rd         Poole Lions                                   5.00pm  Sun 3 Dec                     Talbot Village                        Poole Hospital Cancer Trust     6.00pm

Mon 5 Dec                        Oakdale                             Poole Rotary                                6.00pm

Tue 6 Dec                Upper Parkstone (N)                 HomeStart                                    6.00pm

Fri 9 Dec                         Creekmoor                         Poole Soroptimists                      6.00pm

Sat 10 Dec         Broadstone* Kitchener Cr             Poole Lions                                  5.00pm 

Mon 12 Dec                 Verity Crescent                     Poole Rotary                                 6.00pm

Tues 13 Dec            Upper Parkstone (S)                 Dorset Mind                                  6.00pm

Thur 15 Dec                  Stanley Green                      Waste Not Want Not                   6.00pm

Fri 16 Dec                     Hamworthy (E)                     Poole Rotary                                 6.00pm

Sat 17 Dec           Broadstone*West Way                Poole Lions                                   5.00pm

Mon 19 Dec                      Upton (E)                          Upton Community                       6.00pm

Tue 20 Dec                   Hamworthy(W)                     Parkstone Rotary                         6.00pm

Wed 21 Dec                Lower Parkstone                   Poole Rotary                                 6.00pm

Thu 22 Dec                      Upton (W)                          Upton Scouts                               6.00pm

Daytime Appearances


Sat 3 Dec                Asda, Canford Heath               Poole Lions                               3.00pm  Sat 17 Dec              Tesco, Kinson                           Bournemouth North Rotary  9-4.30pm

Thurs 22 Dec          Tesco, Branksome                   Poole Rotary                             9-4.30pm

Fri 23 Dec                Tesco, Branksome                   Poole Rotary                             9-4.30pm

For those of you who live in Bournemouth, Westbourne Rotary have a range of routes they are running with their brand new Santa Sleigh. For dteails please just click on the image below.

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