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Pirates, Castways & Codfish

Pirates, Castaways & Codfish was launched by the Club in 2017/18.  It researched and tells the story of the maritime history of Poole between 1580 and 1730.  This period covered the lives of three key characters: Admiral Sir Thomas Button, Captain John Bennett and Governor Woodes Rogers

The Club was hugely grateful to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a grant of £9,900, made possible by money raised by National Lottery Players.  We also received support from Poole Museum, Bournemouth University, Rotary Wessex and CODA Marketing.

Volunteers uncovered information which adds a new dimension to our understanding of life and conditions in Poole and at sea over these 150 years.

The project delivered;

  • a new heritage booklet on the development of Poole over this period.  This is available to purchase in Poole Museum

  • new exhibition materials (available on loan to local schools and clubs)

  • Talks to local clubs and societies

  • CD/audio visual display material

  • Video of one of the plays developed through the project: "Elizabeth Hyde - Poole's glorious revolutionary 1688" 

If you would like further information, please contact:

Rotarian Don Nutt - Project Manager via

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