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           Club  Officers              2022-2023

Joint President:                           

Liam Wyatt 

President Elect:                               

Stuart Dean

Honorary Secretary:                       

David Wood

                         Committee Chairs:

Community Services                   

Nigel Wrigley



Membership and Marketing         
Matt Warner


Nigel Wrigleythumbnail_20131001.jpg

Joint President:

Peter Schroeder

Presidential Nominee:                                             
Jon Exton

Honorary Treasurer:                                             
Stewart Greaves


International and Foundation         

Pete Taylor



Merger of Poole & Poole Bay Rotary Clubs






Poole and Poole Bay Rotary Clubs joined together on 1st July 2022.


Poole Rotary Club is now larger and aims to be more dynamic. We will continue to operate within the Poole community and internationally, providing service as members of Poole Rotary Club.

The picture below shows the new joint Presidents and their predecessors: Dave Wood (left) Poole past president; Peter Schroeder and Liam Wyatt, Joint Presidents ; Andrew Tapp, Poole Bay past president.

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